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 French Shops Must Conserve Energy 

New rules designed to conserve energy are set to go into effect for French shops.

Stores that are running their air-conditioning or heating will be ordered to keep their doors closed, French Minister of Ecological Transition Agnes Pannier-Runacher told RMC radio. Keeping the doors open of air-conditioned shops leads to 20% more energy consumption, Pannier-Funacher said. She added, “It’s absurd.”

Shopkeepers could face a fine of up to $766.

A second rule will extend the ban on illuminated advertising from 1 to 6 o’clock in the morning to all cities, no matter the size. The ban is already in effect for cities with fewer than 800,000 residents. Airports and stations will be exempt.

It was not immediately clear exactly when the bans will go into effect. Pannier-Funacher told RMC only that the decrees for the bans will be issued “in the coming days.”

France like much of Europe is experiencing a scorching summer with higher than usual temperatures.

Some information in this report came from Agence France Presse.