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Migrant Crossings Spike as US Plans to Lift Curb on Asylum

Migrants attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico border at the highest level in two decades as the U.S. prepares for even larger numbers with the expected lifting of a pandemic-era order that turned away asylum-seekers. 

Immigration authorities stopped migrants 221,303 times along the Southwest border in March, a 34% increase from a month earlier, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection data filed with a federal court in Texas. 

The new figures were disclosed as the Biden administration comes under increasing pressure over the looming expiration of a public health order that enabled U.S. authorities to turn back most migrants, including people seeking asylum from persecution. 

The number of migrant encounters has gone up nearly every month since President Joe Biden took office, becoming fodder for political opponents who point to the increase as evidence that this administration is weaker on border security than its predecessor. 

A backlog of people waiting outside the country to seek asylum, as well as dire economic and political conditions in much of Latin America and the Caribbean, is partially responsible for the increase in migrants. Administration critics blame Biden, arguing his administration’s moves to roll back Trump-era policies has encouraged people to come. 

The number of illegal crossings, or those outside official ports of entry, totaled 209,906 in March, surpassing the previous high of Biden’s presidency of 200,658 set in July, and the highest level since March 2000, when it reached 220,063. 

Former President Donald Trump also faced a sharp increase in migrant border crossings, but the number plummeted with the start of the pandemic. In March 2020, the previous administration invoked Title 42, a little-used public health authority to quickly expel nearly anyone encountered along the Southwest border. 

U.S. authorities have expelled migrants more than 1.7 million times under Title 42 authority, named for a 1944 public health law, using the threat of COVID-19 to deny migrants a chance to seek asylum as required under U.S. law and international treaty. 

With COVID-19 cases in decline, the Biden administration has said it intends to end the use of Title 42 at the border on May 23. 

Several moderate Democrats have joined Republican leaders to call for an extension of Title 42 authority, most recently Senator Chris Coons on Sunday. Senator Mark Kelly, who is up for election this year, toured the border last week and warned that the Biden administration is unprepared for asylum restrictions to be lifted. 

The rapid expulsions under Title 42 are a significant component of the increase. Migrants are turned back without any legal consequences, and many simply try to cross again and are therefore counted more than once in the total. 

More than half of the 221,303 stopped were quickly turned away, either to Mexico or their homelands, according to data supplied to a federal court in Texas as part of that state’s challenge of Biden administration immigration policies. 

Most of the rest were processed under immigration authority, known as Title 8, and their ultimate fates vary. About 34,000 were allowed to remain in the U.S. under parole, which will allow them to pursue asylum or legal residency through other avenues. If they are unsuccessful, they could face deportation. 

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Пентагон спростовує, що Росія збила під Одесою «літак з допомогою НАТО», як заявили в Міноборони РФ

Раніше твердження про «збитий літак» поширили державні ЗМІ РФ із посиланням на міністерство оборони Росії

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У Києві поновили роботу 16 диппредставництв – МЗС

Про повернення дипломатів до Києва або такий намір в найближчому майбутньому вже заявили низка країн

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Мерія Маріуполя заявляє про бомби по «Азовсталі», де ховаються цивільні. Полк «Азов» просить про «зелений коридор»

За даними влади, у підземних укриттях металургійного комбінату перебуває щонайменше 1000 цивільних

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Rain Dampens 1st White House Easter Egg Roll since 2019  

Undaunted by soggy skies, President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, kicked off the first White House Easter Egg Roll since before the coronavirus pandemic on Monday, welcoming some 30,000 kids and adults for the all-day event. 

The president encouraged one young egg-roller, coaching the child, “Go. You got it.” 

“My job is to keep it from raining for another two minutes,” he said in opening remarks on the South Lawn. 

The theme for the day was “egg-ucation.” The first lady, a community college professor, turned the South Lawn into a school community with a variety of educational stations. 

“The determined spirit of education is what we wanted to honor in this Easter Egg Roll,” she said in brief welcoming remarks. 

Besides the egg roll and an egg hunt, the event included a schoolhouse activity area, a reading nook, a talent show, a place to teach about farming, a photo-taking station, a physical “egg-ucation” zone with an obstacle course, and a “cafetorium” where children learned to make treats. 

The COVID-19 pandemic led the White House to cancel the Easter Egg Roll in 2020 and 2021. But the event is back this year, as the outbreak of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths has eased. 

“This year we’re finally getting together again, and it’s so special,” the president told the guests. 

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, singer Ciara and actor-singer Kristin Chenoweth were set to add a dash of celebrity splash to the “egg-stravaganza.” 

More than two dozen costumed characters were on hand, including Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, the Racing Presidents mascots for the Washington Nationals of Major League Baseball, Rosita and Cookie Monster from “Sesame Street” and Snoopy and Charlie Brown, among others. 

The event kicked off at around 7 a.m., with the first of five waves of people, including kids wearing their Easter best, streaming through the White House gates. 

The White House Easter Egg Roll dates to 1878. 


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Cybersecurity Group Says Catalan Leaders Targeted With Spyware

A group of Catalan separatists, including several members of the European Parliament, other politicians, lawyers and activists from Spain’s northeastern region, had their phones hacked with a controversial spyware called Pegasus, a cybersecurity firm said Monday.

Citizens Lab, which is associated with the University of Toronto, said at least 65 people were targeted using the Israeli-made software that is only available to governments.

The maker of the software, NSO, said the allegations were “false.”

The spyware infections allegedly took place between 2017 and 2020 after a failed Catalan independence bid.

The movement for an independent Catalonia dates back more than a century and has been a problem for Spain’s central government. Catalonia enjoys some regional autonomy under the Spanish constitution. 

Citizens Lab said it could not pinpoint the source of the hacking but said on its website that “a range of circumstantial evidence points to a strong nexus with one or more entities within the Spanish government.” 

The Spanish government declined a request for comment by Reuters.

On Twitter, Catalonian government President Pere Aragones called the hacks an “unjustifiable disgrace.” 

Some information in this report comes from Reuters and The Associated Press.

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Turkish Forces Attack Kurdish Rebel Positions in Iraq

Turkish military forces using planes, helicopters and drones attacked Kurdish rebel positions inside northern Iraq, the Turkish Defense Ministry said Monday.

The targets included camps and ammunition depots in the regions of Metina, Zap, and Avashin-Basyan, the military said.

Kurdish rebels have launched attacks in Turkey from northern Iraq, and Ankara said they were planning another attack in Turkey.

The Associated Press reported 19 Kurdish rebels were killed and four Turkish military members were wounded.

“Our operation is continuing successfully as planned,” the state-owned Anadolu news agency quoted Defense Minister Hulusi Akar as saying. “The targets identified in the first phase have been captured.”

Turkish military forces have repeatedly attacked Kurdish groups such as the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which Ankara considers terrorist organizations.

The PKK has been active since 1984. It has bases in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq.

Kurdish people are spread throughout a region covering parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

(Some information in this report comes from Reuters and The Associated Press.)


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На виплату переселенцям спрямували перші 600 мільйонів гривень – Шмигаль

Йдеться про щомісячні виплати 2 тисяч гривень дорослим і 3 тисяч гривень дітям та людям з інвалідністю

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Зеленський передав голові місії ЄС в Україні заповнений опитувальник щодо вступу до блоку

«Ми віримо, що здобудемо підтримку й станемо кандидатом на вступ. Після цього розпочнеться наступний, фінальний етап», – заявив президент

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В окупованому Генічеську встановили памʼятник Леніну

В Україні встановлення памʼятників радянським діячам заборонено законами про декомунізацію

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Upcoming Executions Shine Spotlight on US Death Penalty 

Capital punishment has been on the wane in the United States but an upcoming slate of executions has refocused attention on the use of the death penalty. 

Richard Moore, a 57-year-old African-American man, is to be executed in South Carolina on April 29 for the 1999 murder of a convenience store clerk during a robbery. 

It would be the first execution in the southern state in over a decade. 

Recent US executions have been carried out by lethal injection but South Carolina has been forced to abandon that method because drug manufacturers are refusing to supply the necessary ingredients. 

So Moore had the choice between the electric chair and a firing squad made up of three rifle-toting volunteers from the Corrections Department. 

He chose the firing squad. 

Moore’s lawyers have challenged both methods of execution, however, claiming they violate a constitutional ban on “cruel and unusual punishment” A judge agreed on Thursday to hear their arguments. 

“The electric chair and the firing squad are antiquated, barbaric methods of execution that virtually all American jurisdictions have left behind,” said Lindsey Vann, a lawyer for Moore.  

Electrocution has been used for seven of the 43 executions in South Carolina since 1985. The last time was in 2008. 

A firing squad has been used only three times in the United States – all in the western state of Utah – since 1976, when the US Supreme Court reinstated capital punishment. 

‘Unreliable confession’

There have been three executions in the United States this year. There were 11 in 2021, down from 17 in 2020. 

Only one of the executions in 2021 was of a woman and of the more than 1,540 people executed in the United States since 1976, only 17 have been women. 

Melissa Lucio, 53, could be the 18th.

Lucio, a Mexican-American mother of 14, is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in Texas on April 27 for the 2007 death of her two-year-old daughter, Mariah. 

Lucio claims a confession was coerced by police during a five-hour interrogation and that the toddler’s death was actually caused by an accidental fall down a staircase. 

Her case has been championed by the Innocence Project, which fights for the wrongly convicted, and reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who has urged Texas Governor Greg Abbott to grant clemency for Lucio. 

“The state extracted an unreliable ‘confession’ and used false scientific evidence to convict Melissa Lucio of a crime she did not commit and in fact never occurred,” said Vanessa Potkin, an attorney for Lucio. 

“What we know today is this: Mariah died from medical complications after an accidental fall. She was not murdered.” 


Also scheduled to be executed in Texas in coming days is Carl Wayne Buntion, who was sentenced to death in 1991 for the murder of a Houston police officer. 

Buntion, who does not dispute his guilt, is scheduled to die by lethal injection on April 21.  

At 78, he is the oldest man on Death Row in Texas and his lawyers have argued that executing him now – more than 30 years after the crime – would constitute “cruel and unusual punishment.” 

Texas law also requires it be established that Buntion would “likely harm others if he is not executed,” his lawyers said. 

Buntion, they  said, poses no danger to anyone and suffers from multiple ailments including arthritis, vertigo, hepatitis, sciatic nerve pain, and cirrhosis. 

“Mr. Buntion is a frail, elderly man,” his lawyers said in a petition to the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, “and will not be a threat to anyone in prison if his sentence is reduced to a lesser penalty.” 

Buntion also has been in solitary confinement for the past 20 years, restricted to his cell for 23 hours a day. 

“When someone’s sentenced to death, the jury isn’t agreeing to sentence them to 30, 40, 50 years of solitary confinement and then death,” Burke Butler, executive director of the Texas Defender Service, told AFP. 

“That is torture,” Butler said. “It’s widely agreed across the world that solitary confinement is incredibly cruel. To confine someone to solitary confinement and then execute them is even crueler.” 

Texas has carried out far more executions – 573 – than any other state since 1976. Virginia, which abolished the death penalty last year, is next with 113.  

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Deadly Missile Strikes Hit Ukraine’s Lviv

Officials in western Ukraine said missile strikes hit Lviv Monday, killing at least six people in the city that had escaped the worst of the violence of the Russian invasion that began nearly two months ago.

Lviv regional governor Maksym Kozystkiy said three missiles hit military infrastructure sites, while another hit a car tire repair shop.

Elsewhere in the country, efforts to evacuate civilians from conflict areas were halted for a second consecutive day Monday.

“In violation of international humanitarian law, the Russian occupiers have not stopped blocking and shelling humanitarian routes,” Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk posted in a statement on social media.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Russian forces of engaging in “deliberate terror” with mortar and artillery strikes on residential neighborhoods in Kharkiv, while Ukrainian forces in the southern city of Mariupol defied a Russian deadline to lay down their arms.

Zelenskyy, in a video address late Sunday, said he expects Russia to launch an offensive in the eastern Donbas region “in the near future.”

Russia’s withdrawal of its forces from areas around Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and other parts of the north in recent weeks prompted assessments from Western military officials that Russia was reinforcing and redeploying those assets to eastern Ukraine.

Capturing the Donbas region, which includes Luhansk and Donetsk, along with the port city of Mariupol to the south, would allow Russia to control a land corridor to the Crimea peninsula, which it seized in 2014.

Zelenskyy, in an interview with CNN taped Friday and aired Sunday, said for Ukraine the battle for Donbas will be critical, and that if Russia captures the area it could once again try to seize Kyiv.

“…It is very important for us to not allow them, to stand our ground, because this battle … can influence the course of the whole war,” Zelenskyy said.

Russia has called on the remaining fighters in Mariupol to surrender, saying it controlled urban areas of the city, while an estimated 2,500 Ukrainian soldiers and 400 mercenaries remaining at the sprawling Azovstal steel mill.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal told ABC’s “This Week” Sunday the country’s forces will “fight to the end” in Mariupol.

“The city still has not fallen,” he said, hours after the expiration of Russia’s declared deadline.

Asked about reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin believes Moscow is winning the war, Shmyhal noted that while several cities are under siege, only Kherson in the south has fallen under Russian control.

“More than 900 cities, towns and villages…are freed from Russian occupation,” Shmyhal said, adding Ukraine has no intention of surrendering in the eastern Donbas region.

The prime minister added that Ukraine wants a diplomatic solution “if possible.”

“We won’t leave our country, our families, our land,” he said.

Zelenskyy said in his Sunday night address that Western nations should increase their sanctions against Russia, including actions targeting Russia’s oil and banking sectors.

“Everyone in Europe and America already sees Russia openly using energy to destabilize Western societies,” Zelenskyy said. “All of this requires greater speed from Western countries in preparing a new, powerful package of sanctions.”

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said in an interview Monday with Antena3 TV that his government will soon reopen its embassy in Kyiv as a show of support to the Ukrainian people.

“Spain is with Ukraine, and we are against Putin,” Sanchez said.

The Russian invasion prompted numerous countries to suspend diplomatic operations in Kyiv, with many relocating to Lviv.  Italy, France and the Czech Republic are among those that have already reopened their Kyiv embassies or announced plans to do so.

Russia initially described its aims as disarming Ukraine and defeating nationalists there. Kyiv and its Western allies say those are bogus justifications for an unprovoked war of aggression that has driven a quarter of Ukraine’s 44 million people from their homes.

Some information for this report came from The Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

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Tourism-Reliant Cyprus Scraps Virus Tests for Most Travelers

Cyprus authorities on Monday made traveling to the east Mediterranean island nation easier as the summer tourist season kicks into gear by rescinding the need to undergo any COVID-19 tests prior to boarding a flight or on arrival.

According to the new regulations, only unvaccinated people who haven’t contracted and recovered from the coronavirus must undergo a PCR test 72 hours prior to boarding or a rapid test 24 hours before departure.

All Cyprus-bound passengers are no longer required to fill in a form — also known as a Cyprus Flight Pass — providing information that enables authorities to trace them if they do test positive for COVID-19 during their stay.

Vaccinated and recovered passengers will need a valid European Union health certificate. Health certificates from third countries are accepted if they’ve joined the EU’s COVID certificate system.

All adults are considered vaccinated for nine months after receiving their second dose or have received a 3rd booster shot. Individuals are designated as recently recovered from COVID-19 seven days after testing positive and for six months thereafter.

Tourism directly accounts for 13% of the island nation’s economy and authorities are keen to attract new markets to make up for the significant loss of Russian and Ukrainian tourists in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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«Закликаємо стати на сторону правди» – у МЗС України реагують на звинувачення президента Сербії

17 квітня в ефірі телекомпанії Pink TV Александар Вучич заявив, що його країна продовжить польоти до Росії, попри повідомлення про «мінування» рейсів

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Війська РФ розстріляли автомобіль із цивільними, які намагалися виїхати з Кремінної, 4 загиблих – ОВА

«Одна важко поранена людина ще на місці подій. Медики не можуть до неї дістатися через нескінченні обстріли»

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Священники УПЦ (МП) зібрали майже пів тисячі підписів за церковний трибунал над Кирилом

Звернення у перекладі на грецьку подадуть на розгляд до Собору предстоятелів Константинопольської, Александрійської, Антіохійської, Єрусалимської і Кіпрської церков, якому підсудний патріарх РПЦ

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Ukraine’s Reservists, the Last Line of Defense

Manning checkpoints and patrolling towns and cities: the reservists of Ukraine’s territorial defense force are the last line standing between ordinary civilians and Russian troops.

Standing 2.07 meters (6 feet, 9.5 inches) and dressed in camouflage fatigues that reveal only his eyes under a hood, “Buffalo” quit his job in construction and signed up for the force when the Russians invaded.

A cheerful young man in his 20s, he is one of the hundreds of thousands to answer President Volodymyr Zelensky’s call for reservists.

He was posted to Svyatohirsk, a village about 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Kramatorsk, the capital of the Donbas region in the east of the country.

The front lines are just 10 kilometers to the north and northwest, where fighting rages and the sound of intense bombardments can be heard daily.

Fighting is particularly fierce around the town of Izyum. Victory there for the Russian troops would open the way toward Kramatorsk.

“I’m sure you can hear the artillery,” Buffalo told AFP. “And how our villages are disappearing from the face of the Earth.”

He proudly shows a video on his mobile phone that shows him with his comrades deployed for combat in the snow, Kalashnikov in his hand.

But his mission also includes protecting and helping the local civilians.

“The civilians have learned what war is,” he said. “They stay in the basements and it’s all they can do to stay alive.

“Any time we can, we bring them food and water. There are a lot of elderly people there who have no place to go.”

There are still a good number left in the village of Svyatohirsk, which had a population of 5,000 before the war, and was then best known for its Orthodox monastery.

Behind the counter of his little cafe Andriy is kept busy. Local people mix with soldiers and reservists as they line up for a hot dog, a hamburger or a hot drink.

“Some people have left and others have stayed,” he said.

“The people are here. Everybody is walking around, shopping — one way or another they have to eat.”

Dressed in fatigues with a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder, reservist Andriy, 35, is among the customers.

For him, the territorial defense force is unique.

“We have people of all ages and from different backgrounds who all came together because they had only one goal. Teachers, engineers, workers, artists, it’s extremely important,” said the young man, a civil servant before the war.

“We will hold on until the last breath,” he said.

Many bridges in the region have been destroyed by the Ukrainians to slow down any advance by the Russians as Moscow turns the focus of its offensive toward the Donbas region.

The one in Svyatohirsk is still standing, even though mines are ready to blow it up.

Previously guarded by the territorial force, regular soldiers now keep watch over it.

“The bridge is under the protection of both the Ukrainian armed forces and the territorial defense,” said Volodymyr Rybalkin, a civilian journalist and head of territorial defense in the town.

Like many members of the territorial defense, he already had combat experience during the Donbas war in 2014-2015.

“Above us there are professional military commanders, who coordinate. Our task is to communicate with the civilians so that there is understanding and support between the two,” he explained.

Asked about Moscow’s announced offensive, he appears confident.

“The front line is less than 10 kilometers away. The artillery is firing at full strength and pushing the enemy back,” he said.

“I can’t predict what will happen tomorrow. Today (Russian) planes didn’t fly. We don’t know if tomorrow they will be back. We’ll react to all their actions.”

Behind him, “Buffalo” leads a refrain addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Glory to Ukraine!” he bellows.

“Glory to the heroes!” his comrades reply.

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Perfect Spring Weather Greets Boston Marathon’s April Return

The daffodils have sprouted, the fall foliage has all been raked away, and the Boston Marathon is back in the spring where it belongs.

The world’s most prestigious marathon will return to the streets from Hopkinton to Copley Square on April 18, three years after the last Patriots Day race and six months after its 125th edition was delayed, canceled, and delayed again by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We went for a run this morning and I was like, ‘OK, this is what it’s supposed to be. This feels normal,'” 2018 winner Des Linden said last week. “The energy feels right back where we left off. So that was a nice reminder.”

After a smaller and socially distanced field ran in October, more than 28,000 runners signed up for this year’s 42-kilometer (26.2-mile) slog, including 11 former champions and what could be the fastest field ever.

Also moving quickly: Organizers who had 30 months between the 2019 and 2021 events and then just 139 days since the only fall race in Boston Marathon history.

“And we can’t wait,” Boston Athletic Association President Tom Grilk said.

The race day forecast calls for temperatures in the 50s with no rain, and only the possibility of a slight headwind late in the afternoon for the stragglers.

Top field

The women’s field is one of the strongest ever in Boston, with reigning Olympic gold medalist Peres Jepchirchir, London and New York winner Joyciline Jepkosgei, and Ethiopia’s Degitu Azimeraw all bringing personal bests under 2 hours, 18 minutes — two minutes faster than the Boston course record.

Linden and Tokyo bronze medalist Molly Seidel are the top American contenders.

Benson Kipruto of Kenya is attempting to become the first back-to-back Boston champion since Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot won three straight from 2006-08. Eight others have shown the speed to beat him, including Boston winners Lawrence Cherono (2019), Lemi Berhanu (2016) and Lelisa Desisa (2013, 2015).

Colin Bennie, of Princeton, Massachusetts, and CJ Albertson, or Fresno, California, are back after finishing in the top 10 in October.

Pandemic protocols

In October, participants were required to be vaccinated, tested, and masked whenever indoors. The race cut its field by more than one-third, and a rolling start was instituted to allow for social distancing on the course and in Hopkinton.

Six months later, vaccinations (or an exemption) are required, but testing is optional. Masks are required on the buses that take athletes to the start, but the state’s indoor mandate has been lifted.

“We’re in a good place,” marathon medical director Aaron Baggish said. “Viral prevalence in the community is low, and we’ve done a good job weathering the storm.”

Terrorism watch

The shooting on the New York City subway last week had Boston authorities redoubling their efforts to provide a safe environment for the athletes and fans on Patriots Day.

Nine years after the attacks at the marathon finish line that killed three people and injured hundreds more, a New York man shot 10 people in a Brooklyn subway car. Frank James, 62, was arrested the next day and is being held without bail.

Authorities say there was no evidence linking James to a larger terror plot. At a Boston Marathon public safety briefing last week, local, state and federal officials said they were ready.

“It’s all hands-on deck for these major events,” MBTA Police Chief Kenneth Green said. “But every day, every regular day we’re prepared. We’re out there. We’re vigilant. We’re at work, and we’re visible. You don’t have the luxury to relax because any individual got caught on the subway somewhere else.”


Residents or citizens of Ukraine who were registered for the race were offered a refund or deferral to a future race if they could not or did not want to run this year.

“Whatever they want to do, they can do,” Grilk said. “Run this year, run next year. You want a puppy, whatever. There is no group we want to be more helpful to.”

There were 44 Ukrainian citizens in the field, seven of them living abroad; however, residents of Russia and Belarus have been told they are not welcome.

Citizens of the two countries living abroad remained eligible to run, but they cannot display their national flags or emblems.

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Greek Police say Migrant Shot Dead While Crossing From Turkey 

A migrant was killed by gunfire at the Greece-Turkey border while she and several others attempted to cross a river separating the two countries, Greek police said on April 17. 

It wasn’t immediately clear who fired the shot that killed the woman the night before. An autopsy showed that the victim was shot in the back with a small-caliber weapon. 

Greek police were patrolling the area where the Evros River, which is called Meric in Turkish, narrows to about 60 to 70 meters (around 200 feet) wide and through which many migrants attempt to cross, according to a police statement and additional information provided to The Associated Press by a police officer on condition of anonymity. The officers spotted numerous migrants on the Turkish side shortly before 9 p.m. on April 16.

Police said 11 people embarked on an inflatable dinghy, and officers directed flashlights at the boat and started shouting “Police. Go back.” 

In response, said the police officer, a “barrage” of shots erupted from the Turkish side.  

The Greek police patrol couldn’t detect the source of the shots in the darkness and fell to the ground to protect themselves, shooting warning shots in the air, according to the statement which the officer corroborated. 

The dinghy came close to the Greek shore and five people disembarked — four made it to the shore while a fifth person was seen floating in the water. Police reached the body with some difficulty, according to the statement, and when they pulled it to the shore they determined that it belonged to a woman and that she was dead. 

Police questioned the four survivors — three Pakistani males, one of them a minor (17 years old), and a woman from Eritrea. It wasn’t known what happened to the other six people who tried to cross, but authorities don’t believe they entered Greece. 

Coroner Pavlos Pavlidis, who performed the autopsy on the woman in the northeastern city of Alexandroupolis, told the AP that the victim was between the ages of 20 and 25 and that she was most likely from one of the Horn of Africa countries. 

She had a wound “in the upper right (back) area. She was shot from close distance and died almost instantly from post-hemorrhagic (blood loss) shock,” Pavlidis said. 

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ЗСУ за добу збили літак, три вертольоти військ РФ – командування

Як повідомили 17 квітня в Генштабі ЗСУ, російські війська у війні проти України втратили 165 літаків, 146 гелікоптерів, 148 БпЛА