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Російські військові з «Градів» обстріляли околиці Зеленодольська на Дніпропетровщині

Голова військової адміністрації Кривого Рогу Олександр Вілкул повідомив, що постраждав один будинок, жертв немає

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У Миколаєві після ракетного удару загинули десятки українських військових – ЗМІ

Голова Миколаївської ОВА Віталій Кім підтвердив, що напад стався 18 березня, але подробиць ні про місце удару, ні про кількість постраждалих він не навів

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Прем’єр Японії закликав свого колегу з Індії зайняти жорсткішу позицію щодо Росії

Однак спільна заява, опублікована після їхньої зустрічі 19 березня в Нью-Делі, не засуджувала конкретно неспровокований напад Кремля

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American Killed in Ukraine Flew Into War to Help Sick Partner

Katya Hill tried to talk her brother out of it. She urged Jimmy Hill to postpone his trip to Ukraine as she saw reports of Russian tanks lining up at the border. But he needed to help his longtime partner, who has been suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis.

“He said, ‘I don’t know what I would do if I lost her, I have to try to do everything I can to try to stop the progression of MS,'” Katya said. “My brother sacrificed his life for her.”

James “Jimmy” Hill, 68, was killed in a Russian attack on the northern Ukrainian city of Chernihiv that was reported Thursday, as his partner Irina Teslenko received treatment at a local hospital. His family says she and her mother are trying to leave the city, but because of her condition they would need an ambulance to help and it was unclear when or if that could happen.

In an interview from Pittsburgh Saturday, Hill’s sister called her brother’s relationship with Irina a “beautiful love story, but unfortunately it has a tragic ending.”

Katya Hill said Irina’s illness had progressed to the point that she had lost the ability to walk and much of the use of her hands. She said her brother — a native of Eveleth, Minnesota, who was living in Driggs, Idaho — had spent months trying to secure treatments to stop the progression of the disease and had finally arranged for treatment in February.

Katya said her brother thought the world wouldn’t let the invasion happen.

Katya said the two met while her brother, who taught social work and forensic psychology at universities in various countries, was teaching a class in Ukraine. He knew instantly that he was in love and they spent years together, talking for hours every day on the phone when Jimmy was back in the Unites States.

Katya said in the last few weeks as the bombings grew more frequent and resources more scarce, her brother had been daydreaming of ways to get Ukrainian families to the U.S. to set up a “little Ukraine” at his Airbnb properties he owned in Idaho and Montana. She said her brother loved Ukraine and even on the day he was killed, friends had helped her piece together that he had decided to stay to be with Teslenko and her mother at the hospital.

It was initially reported that Jimmy was gunned down while waiting in a breadline, but Katya said the family had received new details through their senators and from Jimmy’s friends in Ukraine Saturday.

Katya said Jimmy and a friend who lives near the hospital had gone to an area where they had heard buses were waiting to evacuate people who wanted to leave the city via a safe corridor. There were more than a thousand people already waiting in line, and Jimmy told the friend he was going to return to the hospital. The friend told Katya that Russian shelling began as he was leaving, and the blast that killed her brother had caused the friend to lose hearing in one of her ears.

Katya said her family is still waiting to hear directly from the U.S. State Department to get details of where his body is.

Chernihiv police and the State Department confirmed the death of an American but did not identify him. The Associated Press reached out to the State Department to confirm details of Hill’s death, but had not received information as of early Saturday.

In poignant posts on Facebook in the weeks before his death, Hill described “indiscriminate bombing” in a city under siege. Katya said he had described increasing hardships in a Facebook Messenger group, starting each day by saying he was still alive.

But electricity and heat had been cut off, and food and supplies were becoming more scarce. Katya said he would go out to wait in line for food and supplies and bring back whatever he could for the hospital staff.

Most patients at the hospital had moved to the basement bomb shelter, but Irina and her mother remained in the upper levels because of the cold and so she could continue the treatment.

Katya said Irina’s mother had been told about Jimmy’s death, but had not wanted to tell her daughter. She said they had hoped for help to evacuate back to their home village southeast of Kyiv, where Irina’s father was waiting, but it was unclear whether they could find an ambulance to take them or a safe route for the trip.

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Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Calls for Peace Talks as Russia Claims Hypersonic Weapon Strike

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for comprehensive peace talks with Moscow in a video address released Saturday, as Russia reported its first hypersonic missile strike on Ukrainian territory.

“The time has come for a meeting, it is time to talk,” Zelenskyy said. “The time has come to restore territorial integrity and justice for Ukraine. Otherwise, Russia’s losses will be such that it will take you several generations to recover.”

Zelenskyy’s appeal for another round of talks came one day after Russia’s lead negotiator said the sides have moved closer to agreement on the issue of Ukraine dropping its bid to join NATO.

Vladimir Medinsky said Friday the two countries are “halfway there” on the question of Ukraine adopting neutral status.

Ukrainian negotiator Mykhailo Podolyak tweeted, “Our positions are unchanged. Cease-fire, withdrawal of troops & strong security guarantees with concrete formulas.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow expected its invasion of Ukraine to end with a comprehensive agreement on security issues, including Ukraine’s neutral status, according to Russia’s Interfax news agency.

Meanwhile, Russia said Saturday that its hypersonic missiles had destroyed an underground depot for missiles and ammunition Friday in Ukraine’s western Ivano-Frankivsk region. Russian news agencies said it was the first time it used the advanced weapons system in Ukraine since it invaded on February 24.

Russia’s hypersonic missiles claims were not independently confirmed. A Ukrainian air force spokesperson verified the attack, but said Ukraine had no information on the type of missiles used.

Russian forces still stalled

The latest British defense intelligence assessment of the conflict, made Saturday, concluded that Russia has been forced to “change its operational approach and is now pursuing a strategy of attrition.”

“This is likely to involve the indiscriminate use of firepower resulting in increased civilian casualties,” the ministry warned.

Russian troops have failed to seize control of Kyiv, a major objective of the Kremlin, as the invasion enters its fourth week.

Ukraine’s National Police said in a statement Saturday on Telegram that Russia was attacking the northwestern suburbs of the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, while the regional Kyiv government reported the city of Slavutych, north of Kyiv was “completely isolated.”

In Mariupol, Avdiivka, Kramatorsk, Pokrovsk, Novoselydivka, Verkhnotoretske, Krymka and Stepne, Russia’s bombardment has damaged at least 37 residential buildings and infrastructure facilities, and killed or injured dozens of civilians, the national police statement added.

In Mariupol, police officer Michail Vershnin pleaded for help, according to reporting by The Associated Press.

“Children, elderly people are dying. The city is destroyed, and it has been wiped off the face of the earth,” he said speaking in Russian in the video filmed Friday that was authenticated by the AP. It showed several buildings on fire and what sounded like explosions could be heard.

After Ukraine said Friday that it had temporarily lost access to the Sea of Azov, Moscow said Saturday its troops had breached Ukrainian defenses to enter the strategic southern port city of Mariupol.

Also Saturday, Ukraine said that a Russian general had been killed in attacks on an airfield outside the southern city of Kherson, the fifth senior Russian officer killed since the invasion began.

Humanitarian corridors, casualties

In other developments, humanitarian corridors were opened Saturday, allowing a total of 6,623 people to evacuate from various Ukrainian cities, according to Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the president’s office. He reported online that 4,128 of those people escaped from Mariupol.

The United Nations human rights office reports that more than 847 civilians had been killed and upward of 1,399 have been wounded as of Friday, while warning the actual count likely is significantly higher. The Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office said 112 of those killed were children.

Officials in Kyiv said Saturday that since the start of the invasion more than three weeks ago, 228 people had been killed in the capital city, including four children. In a statement, the administration reported 912 people have been wounded, though all these figures remain unconfirmed by outside sources.

Nearly 3.3 million people have fled the war in Ukraine, according to U.N. estimates.

The U.N. migration agency said Friday that in addition to those who have left the country, nearly 6.5 million people have been displaced inside Ukraine and that another 12 million people have been stranded or unable to leave parts of Ukraine because of heightened security risks or a lack of resources.

US-China talks

On the diplomatic front, U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a rare videoconference call Friday.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Biden conveyed “very directly, leader to leader, what the implications and consequences would be” if China provided material support to Russia.

“China has to make a decision for themselves about where they want to stand and how they want the history books to look at them and view their actions,” she added.

China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement after the nearly two-hour discussion that “conflict and confrontation” is “not in anyone’s interest.”

VOA’s White House Bureau Chief Patsy Widakuswara, Congressional correspondent Katherine Gypson and U.N. correspondent Margaret Besheer contributed to this report.

Some information also came from The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse and Reuters.

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«Ми давно перестали боятися» – експремʼєр Росії Медведєв про західні санкції

Високопосадовець вважає, що помʼякшення позиції Заходу спричинить зростання ціни нафти і газу, експортером яких є Росія

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Ukraine War to Compound Hunger, Poverty in Africa, Experts Say

Experts warn the war in Ukraine could increase hunger and food insecurity for some people in Africa. Most African countries import wheat and vegetable oil from Ukraine and Russia, a region now engulfed in conflict since Russia invaded its neighbor.

African families are feeling the pinch as prices of essential commodities increase due to persistent drought, the coronavirus pandemic, and now, the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The United Nations says Russia and Ukraine produce 53% of the world’s sunflowers and seeds, and 27% of the world’s wheat.

The U.N. Conference on Trade and Development figures show Africa imported wheat from the two countries worth $5.1 billion between 2018-2020.

The study shows at least 25 African countries import a third of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine, and 15 of them import more than half from those two countries.

Kenya is one of the African countries affected by the global food price increase.

The head of policy research and advocacy at the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Job Wanjohi, says the cost of importing wheat to the country has increased by 33%.

“The cost of wheat per ton, of which Kenya is heavily dependent on Russia and Ukraine, has increased to $460 per ton. Before, it was $345 per ton and the landing cost in Nairobi is likely to increase from $500 to $550 per ton. So, the Ukraine-Russia war is aggravating the situation, food security in the country is concerned,” Wanjoh said.

Vegetable oil prices have also increased. Malaysia and Indonesia account for 85% of global crude palm oil exports.

Malaysian authorities warned this week the price of palm oil could reach $2,200 a ton and is expected to remain that way until the third quarter of the year.

Peter Kamalingin, head of Pan Africa at charity Oxfam International, says Africa is more vulnerable to food insecurity.  

“Relying on the global food chain only means you are going to be more vulnerable for a long time. Oxfam has said what we need is investing in small farmers, making them more resilient, bringing technology that is responsive and sensitive to their unique needs. Small food producers are still the most important, and our agricultural produce and extension services, our national budget investment have not been focused on this. Food sovereignty means producing as much food as possible within the country, if not within the country at least within the region,” he said.

Kamalingin also says African governments are not investing enough in their communities.

“Government in our part of the world have had to go into increasing problem of debt and some of the economies in the region, for every 10 shillings of the national budget probably seven is going to repaying debt. That also means governments are not investing in social services, in water, health, education. So, that burden is being transferred to the household and most of the household, it means women and children are the ones bearing that burden. And now we have had this Ukraine crisis, which is exacerbating the problem in many fronts,” Kamalingin said.

The U.N.’s International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) warns that the ongoing war in Ukraine will escalate global hunger and poverty.

Gerrishon Ikiara, who teaches economics at the University of Nairobi, says African countries need to build infrastructure that can help with the movement of goods.

“But also try to see how we can integrate Africa economies much better, because there are some countries with surplus food countries like DRC, Uganda, and quite a number of others have the capacity to feed a big part of Africa if it’s properly connected,” Ikiara said.

Experts say intervention, like stabilizing local markets, cash transfers and creating savings and loan groups, can help Africa cope and reduce the impact of the global food crisis.

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Україна виконує норми міжнародного права щодо утримання полонених – Маляр

«Це місця утримання військовополонених, правила їх утримання встановлюються Женевськими конвенціями», розповіла заступниця міністра

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Папа Римський постановив, що жінки можуть очолювати департаменти Ватикану

Торік папа Франциск уперше призначив жінку на другу позицію в губернаторстві Ватикану

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War in Ukraine Will Worsen Hunger, UN Agency Says

The World Food Program is warning the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine threatens severe food shortages and acute hunger there, and risks triggering a global surge in hunger and malnutrition.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has driven millions of Ukrainians from their homes, forced them to hide in bomb shelters and forage for scraps of food and water.

Jakob Kern, World Food Program emergency coordinator for Ukraine, says the war has brought many people to the brink of famine. He says, as Ukraine is also a key agricultural producer, it also is threatening food security globally, especially in hunger hot spots.

Speaking from WFP’S regional office in Krakow, Poland, Kern says the agency has mobilized enough food to feed 3 million people for a month.

“The country’s food supply chain is falling apart.  Movement of goods has slowed down due to insecurity and reluctance of drivers to drive to places like Dnipro let alone Mariupol or Sumy. … We have prepositioned bulk food, wheat flour for bakeries, and food rations near the encircled cities for distribution by partners and city administrations,” Kern said.  

The Black Sea basin is known as Europe’s breadbasket.  It is one of the most important grain and agricultural production areas and a global grain trade route.  Russian forces reportedly have kept up to 300 ships from leaving the Black Sea.


Kern says food and fuel prices are soaring, putting millions at risk of hunger in Ukraine and in particularly vulnerable Middle Eastern and North African countries.


“The consequences of the conflict in Ukraine are radiating outwards, triggering a wave of collateral hunger across the globe.  Russia and Ukraine alone account for almost 30% of global wheat trade.  Those shipments are on hold now.  Ukraine is also, is the No. 5, actually, producer and exporter of wheat.  So, that has a big impact,” Kern said.


For example, he noted Egypt imports more than 80% of its wheat from Ukraine and Lebanon more than 50%.  He said these and other countries such as Tunisia, Algeria and Yemen that are dependent on Ukrainian wheat will have to find other sources, pushing food prices up further.

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Russia Claims Hypersonic Missile Use in Attack on Ukraine

Russian military officials said Saturday that they fired a hypersonic missile for the first time in Ukraine to target a weapons storage site in the west of the country.

“The Kinzhal aviation missile system with hypersonic aeroballistic missiles destroyed a large underground warehouse containing missiles and aviation ammunition in the village of Deliatyn in the Ivano-Frankivsk region,” the Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday.

When announcing the development of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile in 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin described the weapon as “invincible.”

Russia on Saturday also claimed its soldiers have entered the center of the besieged port city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, which has been shelled for days.

Russian officials say they are “squeezing the encirclement” of the town.

The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces acknowledged Friday that they have lost access to the Sea of Azov “temporarily” because Russian forces have managed to tighten their grip around Mariupol. Ukrainian officials say Russia has conducted 14 missile strikes and 40 air raids on targets, mainly civilian ones, Ukraine in the past 24 hours. 

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Росія заявила про застосування проти України гіперзвукових ракет «Кинджал»

«Кинджал» – це авіаційний комплекс із високоточною гіперзвуковою аеробалістичною ракетою

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Через авіаудар військ РФ загорівся зерносклад на Житомирщині – ДСНС

У Держслужбі з надзвичайних ситуацій повідомили, що через обстріл військ РФ на Житомирщині сталася пожежа на складі зерна.

«О 08:26 19 березня в смт Народичі Коростенського району рятувальниками ліквідовано пожежу в будівлі зерноскладу приватного сільгосптовариства. Після нанесеного ворогом авіаудару будівля, де зберігалися зернові, зазнала руйнувань, зайнялися перекриття та покрівля на площі 500 кв.м», – йдеться в повідомленні.

За даними ДСНС, загиблих та травмованих немає.

Російське масштабне військове вторгнення в Україну триває від ранку 24 лютого. Російські війська завдають авіаударів по ключових об’єктах військової та цивільної інфраструктури, руйнуючи аеродроми, військові частини, нафтобази, заправки, церкви, школи та лікарні.

Обстріли житлових районів ведуться з використанням артилерії, реактивних систем залпового вогню та балістичних ракет. Колони бронетехніки російської армії намагаються оточити Київ та кілька обласних центрів неподалік російського кордону.

Росія заперечує, що веде проти України загарбницьку війну на її території та називає це «спеціальною операцію», яка має на меті «демілітаризацію і денацифікацію».

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Бердимухамедов змінив Бердимухамедова: у Туркменистані відбулася інавгурація президента

Позачергові вибори президента Туркменистану відбулися 12 березня, на найвищу державну посаду формально претендували девʼять кандидатів

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4 Die in US Military Aircraft Crash in Norway

All four people on board a U.S. military aircraft were killed when it crashed in a remote part of northern Norway on Friday during a NATO-led military training exercise, local police said Saturday.

“As far as the police are aware, all four are of American nationality,” police said. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere tweeted condolences over what he said was the death of four Americans.

The MV-22B Osprey aircraft belonging to the U.S. Marine Corps was taking part in an exercise called Cold Response.

Rescue services reached the crash site by land early on Saturday after helicopters were unable to land due to poor weather conditions. Gale-force winds were blowing, heavy rains were falling, and there was a risk of avalanches, according to local weather forecasts.

“Police reached the crash site at around 0030 GMT. It is regrettably confirmed that all four on board the plane have perished,” Ivar Bo Nilsson, head of the operation for Nordland police, said in a statement.

Police were investigating the cause of the crash although their work was halted because of the weather conditions. The work was set to resume once the weather improves.

Some 30,000 troops from 27 countries are involved in Cold Response, an exercise designed to prepare NATO member countries for the defense of Norway. 

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Зеленський – владі Росії: настав час говорити і відновлювати територіальну цілісність України

«Інакше втрати Росії будуть такими, що вам не вистачить і кількох поколінь, щоб піднятися»

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Генштаб: за добу війська РФ завдали 4 ракетних удари і здійснили понад 40 авіанальотів

«Частково окупанти досягли успіху у Донецькому операційному районі – тимчасово позбавили Україну виходу до Азовського моря»

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Польща на саміті НАТО запропонує створити миротворчу місію в Україні – Моравецький

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Firing-Squad Executions Approved in South Carolina

South Carolina has approved firing-squad executions, a method codified into state law last year after a decade-long pause in carrying out death sentences because of the state’s inability to procure lethal injection drugs.

The state Corrections Department said Friday that renovations have been completed on the death chamber in Columbia and that the agency had notified Attorney General Alan Wilson that it was able to carry out a firing-squad execution.

Lawmakers set about tweaking state law to get around the lethal injection drug situation.

Legislation that went into effect in May made the electric chair the state’s primary means of execution while giving inmates the option of choosing death by firing squad or lethal injection, if those methods are available.

During South Carolina’s lengthy debate, Democratic state Sen. Dick Harpootlian — a prosecutor-turned-criminal-defense lawyer — introduced the firing squad option. He argued that it presented “the least painful” execution method available.

“The death penalty is going to stay the law here for a while,” Harpootlian said. “If we’re going to have it, it ought to be humane.”

According to officials, the death chamber now also includes a metal chair, with restraints, in the corner of the room in which inmates will sit if they choose execution by firing squad. That chair faces a wall with a rectangular opening, 15 feet away, through which the three people will fire their weapons.

State officials also have created protocols for carrying out the executions. The three shooters, all volunteers who are employees of the Corrections Department, will have rifles loaded with live ammunition, with their weapons trained on the inmate’s heart.

A hood will be placed over the head of the inmate, who will be given the opportunity to make a last statement.

According to officials, Corrections spent $53,600 on the renovations.

Lethal injection drugs scarce

South Carolina is one of eight states to still use the electric chair and one of four to allow a firing squad, according to the Washington-based nonprofit Death Penalty Information Center.

In June, the South Carolina Supreme Court blocked the planned executions of two inmates by electrocution, saying they cannot be put to death until they truly have the choice of a firing squad option set out in the state’s newly revised law.

The high court halted the scheduled executions of Brad Sigmon and Freddie Owens, writing that officials needed to put together a firing squad so that inmates could really choose between that or the electric chair. The state’s plans, the court wrote in an unanimous order, were on hold “due to the statutory right of inmates to elect the manner of their execution.”

Now that a firing squad has been formed, the court will need to issue a new order for any execution to be carried out.

The executions were scheduled less than a month after the passage of the new law.

Prisons officials had previously said they still couldn’t obtain lethal injection drugs and have yet to put together a firing squad, leaving the 109-year-old electric chair as the only option.

Attorneys for the two men argued in legal filings that death by electrocution is cruel and unusual, saying the new law moves the state toward less humane execution methods.

They have also said the men have the right to die by lethal injection — the method both of them chose — and that the state hasn’t exhausted all methods to procure lethal injection drugs.

Lawyers for the state have maintained that prisons officials are simply carrying out the law, and that the U.S. Supreme Court has never found electrocution to be unconstitutional.

South Carolina’s last execution took place in 2011, and its batch of lethal injection drugs expired two years later. There are 37 men on the state’s death row.

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Pope Calls Ukraine War ‘Perverse Abuse of Power’ for Partisan Interests

Pope Francis, ramping up his implicit criticism of Russia, on Friday called the war in Ukraine a “perverse abuse of power” waged for partisan interests which has condemned defenseless people to violence.

The pope has not actually named Russia in his condemnations, but he has used phrases such as “unacceptable armed aggression” to get his point across and on Friday spoke of “people defending their land” and escaping bombardments.

“The tragedy of the war taking place in the heart of Europe has left us stunned,” he said, adding that few people would have imagined scenes similar to the two world wars in the 20th century.

His latest condemnation came in a message to a Catholic Church conference in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, one of the countries bordering Ukraine that has opened its doors to refugees.

“Once more humanity is threatened by a perverse abuse of power and partisan interests which condemns defenseless people to suffer every form of brutal violence,” he said.

“The blood and tears of children, the suffering of women and men who are defending their land or fleeing from bombardments shakes our conscience,” he said.

Moscow says its action is a “special military operation” designed not to occupy territory but to demilitarize and “de-Nazify” its neighbor.

The pope has rejected that term, however, saying previously it could not be considered “just a military operation” but a war that had unleashed “rivers of blood and tears.”

On Wednesday held a video call with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kirill, 75, has made statements defending Moscow’s actions in Ukraine and sees the war as a bulwark against a West he considers decadent, particularly over the acceptance of homosexuality.

The Vatican said the pope told Kirill: “The ones who pay the price of war are the people, the Russian soldiers and the people who are bombarded and die.”