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«Газпром» не забронював додаткові потужності української ГТС на перший квартал 2022 року

У «Газпрому» на 2021 рік діє довгострокове бронювання українських потужностей обсягом 40 мільярдів кубометрів

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Thousands Unvaccinated as US Military Hits Deadline for COVID-19 Shots

About 10,000 active duty Air Force airmen and Space Force guardians remain unvaccinated for COVID-19, according to the latest data provided on the day of the military’s first vaccination deadline Tuesday. 

That leaves senior leaders with tough choices concerning the fate of those who have refused to follow orders or are seeking exemptions. 

The Air Force and Space Force’s COVID-19 vaccination compliance deadline is Tuesday for active duty troops. According to data obtained by VOA, 97% of active duty airmen and guardians have had at least one vaccine dose, with 95% fully vaccinated. 

Asked whether Air Force and Space Force leadership is planning to issue new guidance to commanders now that the deadline is here, a senior Air Force official told VOA, “The guidance (to commanders) is clear. Use all tools at your disposal to encourage your people to get vaccinated.” 

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters that 97% of all active duty troops had received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Monday, with deadlines for active duty troops in the Army, Navy and Marines coming later this year.

Some exemptions have been granted on rare occasions, including five permanent medical waivers granted to sailors in the Navy. 

Kirby said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has asked commanders to first execute options other than punitive measures, but Kirby added that commanders may eventually need to escalate the pressure to comply with the lawful vaccination order. 

“I think the secretary has been very clear with the leaders of the military departments that he wants them to execute the mandate with a sense of compassion and understanding,” Kirby said. “He knows, as a former commander himself, that leaders have a range of tools available to them to help troops make the right decisions for themselves, for the units, for the families, short of using the Uniform Code of Military Justice.” 

Data provided to VOA from the military service branches Tuesday showed 94% of the Army, 99% of the Navy and 93% of the Marine Corps are fully or partially vaccinated.

But active duty troops are vaccinated at a much higher rate than their Reserve and Guard counterparts, some of whom have deadlines as late as June 30, 2022.

About one-fifth of the total population of U.S. service members — hundreds of thousands of troops — has yet to get a single COVID-19 vaccine dose. 

According to spokesman Major Charlie Dietz, the Pentagon requires at least nine vaccines for individuals entering military service, including hepatitis A; hepatitis B; influenza; measles; poliovirus; tetanus, diphtheria; pertussis; and varicella. Up to 17 vaccines are required for service members, depending on their role and geographic region. 

Exemptions have been granted to service members for some required vaccines, such as the vaccine for anthrax. 


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Верховний суд зупинив провадження у справі щодо відсторонення Тупицького

Президент Володимир Зеленський 27 березня скасував укази експрезидента Віктора Януковича про призначення Тупицького та Касмініна суддями КСУ

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Компанія «Укренерго» пояснила причини аварійної допомоги з Білорусі та Словаччини

Причинами дефіциту потужності в компанії назвали підвищену аварійність на енергоблоках теплових електростанцій (ТЕС) у період сезонного зростання споживання

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US Suspends Ethiopia’s Duty-Free Access Over Tigray Violations

Citing “gross violations of internationally recognized human rights,” the United States on Tuesday said it suspended Ethiopia’s duty-free access to the U.S. market.

Mali and Guinea will also lose access under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

“Today, President Biden announced three countries will be terminated from the AGOA trade preference program as of January 1, 2022, absent urgent action to meet statutory eligibility criteria,” said U.S. top trade negotiator Ambassador Katherine Tai in a statement.

“Our Administration is deeply concerned by the unconstitutional change in governments in both Guinea and Mali, and by the gross violations of internationally recognized human rights being perpetrated by the Government of Ethiopia and other parties amid the widening conflict in northern Ethiopia.”

The move against Ethiopia comes as a result of a yearlong civil war in the northern Tigray region, which has caused a humanitarian crisis.

Already under the strain of war and the COVID-19 pandemic, the loss of access to the U.S. market will further weaken Ethiopia’s economy. According to Bloomberg, Ethiopia exported $245 million worth of goods to the U.S. under AGOA. That accounted for half the country’s exports to the U.S.

In addition to suspended access via AGOA, the Biden administration recently authorized sanctions against Ethiopian individuals it said are prolonging the war in the northern part of the country.

On Wednesday, the United Nations and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission are releasing a report with the results of their investigation into alleged human rights violations in the Tigray war.

Without a renewal, AGOA is set to expire in 2025.

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Bill Gates Vows to Donate $315 Million to Seed Programs for Small Farmers

Philanthropist Bill Gates says the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $315 million to help small farmers around the world grow crops that will adapt to climate change.

In an interview with VOA from Glasgow where he is attending the U.N. Climate Change Conference, Gates said the money will go to a seed consortium which will help farmers thrive in changing environments.

The interview was edited for brevity and clarity. 


Q: Help us visualize the scope of the problem when it comes to climate change. What are we facing and how much should we be concerned?

A: Well, climate change is one of the biggest challenges mankind has ever faced. Year by year, because of these carbon emissions, the climate will be getting hotter and that means, particularly anywhere near the equator, the ability to do outdoor farming or outdoor construction work will become impossible. And so that’ll really destabilize people who live in these tropical zones. And so we have to do two things: we have to stop those emissions, where there’s an ambitious goal to do that by 2050, and then in the meantime we need to help countries adapt to these changing weather conditions, for example, you know, giving them better seeds.  

Q: How are we going to know that COP 26 is a success? 

A: We’ve deeply engaged the private sector. We’ve identified the need for innovation and how we get every sector working together to drive that innovation. And we’re now paying significant effort to adaptation. And so those three things were not there in Paris. I’m not saying that the commitments here are good enough. We need to see over the next five years the same type of increased engagement on the different issues, you know, better policies, more private sector and more innovation, including the innovation that’s focused on the adaptation.


Q: What else are you referring to in terms of innovation? 

A: A number of countries are announcing increased resources, including President Biden. We’re announcing $315 million over the next three years for the seed consortium which is called the CG System. That makes the seeds for all the different countries and the big priority for that money will be seeds that can be even more productive despite the challenge of climate change.  

And so overall we expect that an additional billion dollars, including our money, will be committed to that effort. That has the potential to benefit literally hundreds of millions of these smallholder farmers. So probably won’t get the attention it deserves, but probably the biggest move for adaptation using innovation for that will be announced here. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the impact of climate change in underdeveloped countries, especially in a region like Africa?

A: Well, as you say, it’s a great injustice. And in fact, my interest in climate change came from seeing that through our agricultural work in Africa the farmers were often having a more difficult time. And so they’re already facing these difficulties, which will get significantly worse between now and the end of the century. And so I studied the issue of climate change and the Gates Foundation took on this adaptation as a big priority. That wasn’t getting much attention. So I joined together with some others to create the ‘Commission on Adaptation’ and we had …a lot of great participation and did a report that highlighted some of these key investments.  

Q: What do you think all of us can do to contribute to this global solution in fighting climate change?  

A: Well, certainly there are products that have lower emissions…In rich countries, you know, we are starting to have food indications of which kinds of food cause what emissions. And we have more and more electric cars. You know we have the ability to heat your home with what’s called an electric heat pump versus using a hydrocarbon like natural gas to your house. You know I would say that for the individual, political engagement is also important because this is a problem where we have to make near-term investments (and) even some short-term sacrifice to get the long-term benefit of having drastic climate change impacts. And so, educating people that this is very worth doing, particularly getting young people engaged.

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На Донбасі 2 листопада загинув український військовий – штаб ООС

За даними штабу, російські гібридні сили чотири рази порушили режим припинення вогню, двічі застосувавши озброєння, заборонене мінськими домовленостями

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Напад на «Схеми»: прокурори передали справу до суду

За наказом ексголови правління «Укрексімбанку» Євгена Мецгера співробітники банку застосували фізичну силу до оператора «Схем», відібрали у нього дві камери та картки, на які здійснювався запис, та видалили записане відео